Unsolicited gifts..

When you are owned by four cats then you can expect the odd unsolicited gift from them. Some times they don’t even know they have blessed you with such gift. For example the slug I have just discovered partially smushed into my sofa. Luckily there was a throw on said sofa so after removing the offending lump of slime I was able to bundle the throw into the washing machine to work its magic. Now the next issue when you have four cats Co habitating with you is apportioning blame. I don’t have any evidence but I can make a bloody good guess that the guilty party in this case was Luna. Luna is my only female cat who I can only describe as an over affectionate fat, slightly wiffy, duracell coloured ball of fur. When it comes to grooming she is a bit lax and thanks to her long coarse velcro like fur tends to pick up things unintentionally and deposit them elsewhere also unintentionally. This is her if your wondering what I mean by duracell coloured…

I’m not quite sure why pretty much all of my images of my black cats make them look like they are plotting your demise, but I’m sure you’ll get used to it.


Mad Ramblings and Cats

Hi if you’re reading this then I should warn you I’m not sure what I’m doing here so apologies in advance. I’m also not a 100% sure what I’m going to be writing about. It’s mainly a place for me to share my mad ramblings and observations of my cats. Yes that’s right I am that crazy cat lady and I own that shit, why because if it weren’t for them I’d be an even more crazy lady just sans the cats.

Who am I? Currently I’m a slightly overweight (who am I kidding I’m overweight less of the slightly) 41 year old single mum. I spend most of my days eating too much of the wrong stuff, binge watching episodes of whatever has recently taken my fancy, failing to keep my feral 8 year old in check and generally battling my own internal dialogue. Oh and cats! Four of them. They are cute and fluffy and I love them to bits but they are also arseholes. Lucky for them though their positives out way their negatives (most days at least).